Golf Cart Rental Information

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you'll love all of the benefits to one of our golf cart rentals for your vacation. Below is some helpful and important information to get you on your way.

You must be at least 25-years old to rent and/or drive.

Our golf carts are not permitted to be driven on or across Hwy 98. Therefore, you cannot cross, but not limited to:

  • Holiday Isle: To the Target/Winn-Dixie plazas
  • Destin: Destin Commons or Silver Sands Outlets
  • 30A: To the North Inlet Shops or to Panama City Beach

Additionally, the golf cart cannot be driven on roads that have a speed limit over 35 and it is illegal to drive on the sidewalk.

To see a list of prohibited areas, please visit:

Please note that this link states that you are able to cross at fixed intersections with traffic lights, but please note that La Dolce Vita does not permit their golf carts to go across Highway 98.

We have 4 passenger, 6 passenger, and 8 passenger golf carts. There cannot be more passengers than the size of the golf cart. For example, if you have a 6 passenger golf cart, it can only have 6 people. Children cannot sit in the lap of an adult, they must have their own seat and car seats are allowed. Please note that a car seat counts as a seat, so if you have a 6 passenger golf cart, you can have the car seat and five other passengers.

Please note that there is not a guaranteed time of delivery on your scheduled delivery date, for our attendant has until 8:00PM CST to make all scheduled deliveries.

Our attendant starts picking up golf carts around 4:00AM CST. Please leave the golf cart in the area where it was first delivered (an area that is accessible) with the keys in the lockbox or you will be charged for a missing key ($20+tax/key.)

The weight limit on the rear of the cart is 300lbs.

If the golf cart is gas, we will have a full tank, and there is no need to top off the tank at the end of the rental, just leave it with whatever gas is left. LDV provides one tank of gas, so if you run low and need more, that is at your own responsibility and please do not use diesel.

You must have a garage to charge it and you must have permission from your rental property manager. Please be aware that you need to charge the golf cart while not in use (do NOT use an extension cord)

  • Half charge: 1.5 hours
  • Full charge: 5 hours (distance on a full charge: 28-30 miles)
Golf Cart Forward and Reverse Operation
Forward and Reverse Operation

Troubleshooting: Operation

  • If the golf cart accelerates, then slows down rapidly after holding the pedal down, it is the governor controlling the speed and if you don’t press the pedal all of the way down, it will not happen.
  • When the golf cart comes to a complete stop, the engine will cut off, but when you accelerate it will start back up.
  • To reverse, if you are sitting in the cart, there is a lever under your right leg. Moving the lever to the left puts the cart in drive (forward) and moving the lever all of the way to the right puts the cart in reverse and it should beep.

Troubleshooting: Keys & Lockbox

  • To unlock the lockbox, the code must be centered in the dial and then press down on the lever on the left and pull open. Please make sure that you are using the lockbox that is physically attached to the golf cart, not one inside of the property.
  • If you are having trouble opening the lockbox, please take a pen, key, or small hard object to press down on the latch. This will often open the stuck latch for sometimes they require hard pressure to open.
  • If the key(s) are not in the lockbox, please check around the house in case they were not returned to the lockbox.
Golf Cart Lockbox Location and Operation
Lockbox Location and Operation