On the Move: Destin and 30A Golf Cart Rentals

La Dolce Vita

As everyone knows, getting your crew ready for a visit to the beaches of 30A or Destin takes some planning. Luckily the excitement supersedes all those tasks of packing and organizing, and once your toes dig into the powdery sand, well, it was more than worthwhile.

The Convenience of Golf Carts on 30a

Be sure to add one more to-do for your list: pre-booking a 30A golf cart rental. The amenity of a golf cart is not only entertaining for the whole family, but adds lots of convenience to your vacation.

Destin and South Walton are getting busier and busier, and when you cruise around on a golf cart it is much easier to find prime parking. 30a Golf cart rentals are also the best way to go back and forth to the beach. This way, you avoid wet swimsuits sticking to your car’s upholstery and piles of sand on the floorboards.

The Fun Factor

While all practical reasons to reserve a golf cart are important, the number one reason for renting one? The novelty of having it as your beach vehicle for the week. Zipping around on a golf cart with the Florida panhandle sunshine on your tanned skin and the coastal breeze cooling your face means you are truly on vacation. Kids of all ages love them and bottom line? They’re just plain fun.

30a Golf Cart Rentals

LDV 6-Seater, Gas-Powered golf cart pictured.

Helpful Tips

  1. Be sure to double check the golf cart policies in your rental community. Golf carts are welcome for use (but not delivery) in Seaside, Watercolor, and Alys Beach.
  2. On Scenic Highway 30A, Golf carts are only allowed on roads where the speed limit is 35 MPH or lower.
  3. Always be courteous of the line of cars behind you; pulling over and letting them pass makes everyone a lot happier.

La Dolce Vita delivers top-of-the-line EZGO 30Agolf cart rentals. Their fleet includes 4-passenger, 6-passenger, and 8-passenger, street legal, gas powered carts – so no need to worry about dead batteries or remembering to charge the golf cart.

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